Testimonials from Justice Howard's Circle

Justice Howard in Focus: What Clients Are Saying

Justice Howard has wielded her camera like a magic wand, transforming lives and elevating brands with her exceptional creativity and keen eye. Her artistic flair has not only captured breathtaking moments but has significantly boosted both personal and professional profiles. What follows is a select compilation of testimonials from those within Justice Howard’s circle, each a testament to her transformative impact and artistic genius.

“She has “THE BEST EYE” I have ever seen.” – Priscilla Presley

“She finds the place where the spirit and the soul is hidden away and draw it out using her photographic genius.” – The Scary Guy

“Justice is undeniably the “Queen of Renegade Photography.” – Rusty Coones

“When you want the best. You go to the best.” – Dick Dale

“This is the first time I have to agree with my old fashioned dad.” – Jimmy Dale

“Justice Howard is a visionary provocateur.” – Playboy Magazine

“I decorated my house with her photography. She’s one of my favorite artists.” – Dave Navarro (Guitarist, Jane’s Addiction)

“Holy Mary Mother of God. This is AMAZING. I love it!!!” – Priscilla Presley

“She came to photograph us by herself, no assistant, and carrying a very small bag of camera equipment. When we saw the results we were astounded!” – Blue Man Group

“Just being in Justice’s presence makes me want to do a bustier and net stockings.” – Teller

“She was one of the first women I ever met who rode her own motorcycle.” – Sonny Barger

“The best photographer who ever pointed a lens at me.” – Waylon Jennings

“She is a celebrant of all that is best in the art life of our culture.” – Clive Barker (Film Maker)

“She spots composition in the curve of a thigh and can put operatic grandeur in the position of an eyebrow.” – Mamie Van Doren (Pinup Legend)

“Justice is able to evoke her subjects image in direct relationship to their life’s journey.” – Robert Lasardo

“A fierce, skilled hunter capable of stalking and trapping the most elusive, emotive images within the cage of her lens.” – Glenn Hetrick

“Justice Howard’s photographs sizzle with danger, subvision and anarchy. Each one teases you like a movie poster for a freaky underground film you heard existed but are afraid to watch. The world she creates and the inhabitants therein pervert your dreams into the sexiest nightmares you’ve ever had.” – Adam Rifkin

“In the realm of photography her senses reign supreme.” – Sybil Danning

“Her images are well-thought-out-scenes from movies that don’t exist beyond the mind of this well-respected photographer. Appearing as more than mere models, her subjects seem like dark characters from a noir thriller with a secret to hide.” – American Cinematographer (Magazine Writer)