A Professional Killer Tells His-Story Diary of a Hitman by Justice Howard

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Diary of a Hitman: A Professional Killer Tells His Story

Fuego’s Inferno: From Ashes to Redemption

Embark on the compelling and transformative story of Fuego, meaning ‘fire’ in Spanish. Bound by a nightmarish childhood under his monstrous father Monstro, Fuego’s early years in a dark, torturous environment prematurely hardened him into a man. The devastatingly haunting first chapter, “M is for Monster,” introduces his journey through despair and endurance.

At just fourteen, Fuego’s life took a dark turn from tragic victim to vengeful killer. After suffering a brutal violation against his grandmother, he committed his first murder, setting him on a grim path as an ‘independent contractor’ in ‘pest control’, where he eliminated over 300 men.

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Justice Howard (Author) & El Fuego Hitman (Author)

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October 7, 2020

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Descend into the Flames: Witness Fuego’s Brutal Rise and Miraculous Redemption

From Killer to Seeker of Salvation: Witness the Inferno Within Fuego and His Desperate Fight for Redemption

Brace yourself for a descent into the fiery heart of “Fuego’s Past.” Here, witness a man named only for the flames that both forged and nearly consumed him. Born into a nightmare, Fuego’s childhood was a crucible that birthed a killer. Yet, within the ashes of his violent past, a flicker of hope ignites. Can faith and unexpected kindness redeem a soul stained by over 300 acts of vengeance? Embark on this searing journey and discover if Fuego can truly escape the inferno he created.