Hi, I'm Justice Howard, a Distinguished & Celebrated Photographer

Justice Howard: Unveiling the Raw Beauty of Darkness

Three decades strong, Justice Howard isn’t your average photographer.

Justice Howard: Unveiling the Raw Beauty of Darkness

Justice is a visual artist, a rebel with a lens, who leads you on a captivating journey through the dark and beautiful corners of the world. In an age saturated with digital manipulation, Justice is a breath of fresh air, a champion of pure, unadulterated photography.

Beyond the Surface: Capturing the Essence

Justice doesn’t just capture faces, she captures souls. She delves beneath the surface, revealing the triumphs and vulnerabilities that weave the tapestry of human experience. Her iconic portfolio boasts a stunning array of subjects, from legendary musicians like Waylon Jennings and Dave Navarro to Hollywood icons and unforgettable personalities.

Headshot of Photographer and Author Justice Howard

Art for Every Eye

Justice’s work transcends boundaries. It speaks to the casual observer, the art aficionado, and everyone in between. Her evocative imagery has found its home everywhere from museum walls to sprawling 30-foot murals, transforming entire venues into shrines to her unique vision.

Step into Justice’s World

This website is your gateway to experiencing the captivating, edgy world of Justice Howard. Explore her diverse portfolio, delve into the stories behind the photographs, and discover a true visionary who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and capture the raw essence of life.

The Sound of a Shutter, the Crack of a Whip

Imagine a Harley ripping through the night, its pipes echoing raw power. That’s the energy Justice brings to her photography. She’s a force to be reckoned with, a 10-year sober rebel passionate about capturing the unfiltered beauty of the world.

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