A True Story About the Notorious "Serial Killer" GJ Schaefer

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A True Story About the Notorious “Serial Killer” GJ Schaefer

Forget “good vs. evil” – there’s a new scale in town. “MOST EVIL” ranks history’s monsters with a chilling “scale of sickness” – and only ONE killer ever maxed out at 22.

This isn’t just another true crime story. This is a chilling journey into the mind of pure evil. Based on 50 letters directly from him, I expose his twisted motivations, his macabre competition with serial killers like Bundy, and a body count that will leave you breathless.

Think you can handle the truth? Dive into the darkness and meet Schaefer, the man who redefined “evil.”

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October 7, 2020

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Beyond Bundy and Dahmer: Meet the Killer Who Scored a Perfect 22 on the Evil Scale.

Bundy, Dahmer – child’s play. There’s a new monster in town.

They created a scale to measure evil. 1 to 22. Manson? 17. Dahmer? 18. But one killer shattered the limit, scoring a perfect 22.

This isn’t your typical true crime. This is a descent into the abyss, a chilling encounter with the embodiment of evil.

Do you dare unlock the secrets behind his reign of terror? This book holds the answers… but can you handle the truth?