Revelations: The Photography of Justice Howard Hardcover Book

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Revelations: The Photography of Justice Howard

Justice Howard: Capturing the Soul of Ink

Venture into the evocative domain of Justice Howard, the trailblazer in tattoo photography. Her lens masterfully encapsulates the raw spirit and intimate stories of the American tattoo community. With iconic imagery, Howard not only documents the victories and vulnerabilities of her subjects, but she skillfully elevates them to a realm of artistic grandeur. Experience the profound narrative woven within each tattoo, as Justice Howard brilliantly brings ink to life.

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January 28, 2015

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Does your pulse quicken at the sight of stunning body art? This book’s not just another coffee table tome – it’s a visual feast celebrating tattoos that elevate the human form. We’re talking about celebrating both masculine and feminine power through captivating ink, all while uncovering the hidden stories etched beneath the skin.